Chihuahua Charlene

Автор: Anna Meteleva
Размер: 4,5″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Собаки

Chihuahua Charlene

I can make a Chihuahua on the photo of your pet. Cost + 20%

I am glad to present you the puppy of Chihuahua Charlene.

The puppy is very mobile. He can sit, stand, lie and give a paw!
The puppy can decorate your interior, sit comfortably on the panel of your car or in a woman's bag. He also likes to sit on pens.

The dog is made of faux fur
- inside the body is a skeleton Lockline
- paws, ears and tail reinforced
- filled with sawdust (head), air gun and metallic granules
- the eyes are glass
- the nose is polymer clay
- puppy have collar with bow.

Tinted art oil. Fully handmade. My author's pattern.

Charlene is looking for a new home.

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